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Thank you, all Spring Count observers! Your time, expertise, and dedication (even in wind and rain!) help to provide regional bird population data during an important time of year – spring migration.

HERE are the 2023 Bighorn Audubon Spring Count results for Sheridan and Johnson Counties.  Included are the 2022 count results as a comparison. In summary: 2022 - 12,345 individuals and 172 species; and in 2023 - 7,082 individuals and 146 species


Noticeable differences were in duck, shorebird, gull, and warbler populations. Yellow Warblers arrived in good numbers after the count, and several Blue-winged and Green-winged Teals were observed before the count.  For other species there are these questions: Did they arrive and leave earlier? Or arrive later?  Have duck populations declined? Did shorebirds bypass our area due to high water levels?


Factors to consider:

                2022 - April New Mexico fires and regional drought. 

                Avian flu.

                2023 - Rain and wind conditions during and prior to the count. Less time on foot, and several backroads were difficult to travel.    

The Spring Count’s goal is to aid Wyoming Game & Fish and others in the scientific community with a better understanding of regional bird movements and populations as they migrate from non-breeding grounds in the southern U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and Central and South America to nesting habitats in our region and to the north.

Thank you once again.

For the birds!



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