Science Kids’ goal is to get kids outside, where great learning happens. We keep our class sizes small and hire instructors who are highly trained in science as well as education. We also utilize excellent outdoor sites and make safety a priority. While most of our classes are held in the summer, we also partner with local organizations to bring science programming to the community throughout the year (Sarah Mentock, Science Kids).

The pictures below show a joint project between Bighorn Audubon, Science Kids, and The Brinton.  In the Spring of 2018, we built nest boxes for Tree Swallows and placed them on The Brinton grounds near the pond. Each nest box was designed with an individual name, as shown in the middle photograph.  The Tree Swallow is seen below in her box and she successfully fledged 3 young.

Science Kids_edited.jpg
Science Kids Boxes.jpg
Science Kids Tree Swallow.jpg
Science Kids Boxes 2.jpg