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The Bighorn Audubon Society submitted comments on the Bighorn National Forest Pole Creek Vegetation Management Project on February 20, 2023. 

To read our comments please click HERE 

From the Bighorn National Forest Background on the Project:
The Pole Creek project area is in the southeast corner of the Bighorn National Forest and is administered by the Powder River Ranger District. The project area is essentially the non-Wilderness portion of the Powder River Ranger District south of the Buffalo Municipal Watershed Project (2018) area and east of the Southwest Fuels Project (2007) area. It is an approximately 92,000 acre area most of which is
contained within the Clear Creek/Crazy Woman Creek watershed. Roughly 37,000 acres of land
classified as suitable for timber production is located within this project area. There are also almost 33,000 acres designated as inventoried roadless areas.

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