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BIG THANKS to all 33 participants that traveled 513 miles by foot or vehicle, for over 124 hours to observe 172 species and 12,342 individual birds. The variety of species reflect the rich diverse habitat in Bighorn Audubon’s chapter.

This year you will see Sheridan County (SC) 2021 results on the left side. Sheridan County routes have included a portion of Johnson County (DeSmet and Fort Phil area). For consistency purposes that remains.

The Johnson County (JC) Spring Count re-started this year after an 8-year lapse. This year’s re-start includes five JC routes consisting of key bird habitat areas. (DeSmet and Fort Phil Kearny remained part of SC count. as noted.)

Campbell County (CC) and Weston County (WC) each had routes added this year that reflect key habitat areas. Special thanks to Todd Jensen and Scott Rager.


As you will see, the taxonomic order is now more consistent with Merlin and eBird, using a recently updated checklist from Jackie Canterbury, CJ Grimes, and Andrea Orabona of Wyoming Game & Fish, and others. I included additional species to this list to reflect observations during the 2022 and 2021 Spring Counts. This list will be used for the 2023 Count.

Notable differences this year from last are the Gray Catbird, Spotted Towhee, Bobolink, House Wren and Warbler totals and many other interesting observations. 

Thank you all so very much for your dedication, enthusiasm and being the core of this important count.  

Please click below to see the Spring Count results in the attachment.

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