Important Bird Areas

The Important Bird Area Program (IBAs)

Bird Conservation

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) are just what their name implies: places that are important for birds. The IBA Program is a global initiative whose goal is to identify, monitor, and protect a network of sites critical for the conservation of birds, referred to as Important Bird Areas or IBAs.  Habitat loss and climate change are two profound threats facing bird species across the globe.  The IBA program is an exciting initiative whose mission is to identify areas that are and will be critical habitats for birds now and in the future.

Ucross IBA Designation, March 2015

In March of 2015, under the guidance of Audubon Rockies, the local Bighorn Chapter of Audubon and the Ucross Foundation have formed a partnership to designate the Ucross Ranch of approximately 20,000 acres as an Important Bird Area.   The ranch is not only incredibly important for birds, but it is managed extremely well with a keen focus on conservation. The significant habitat improvements and management of the overall ranch health by Apache Foundation during the past 10 years have been essential factors in this recent designation.

The Bradford Brinton IBA,  November 2017

In November, 2016, The Bighorn Audubon, in cooperation with Audubon Rockies, and The Brinton Museum formed a partnership to designate 620 acres of The Brinton as an Important Bird Area.  This IBA designation recognizes the importance of The Brinton for birds on a national scaleW

Science-based Conservation

The conservation of birds and their habitats is the mission of The National Audubon Society and our local chapter.  IBAs provide critical habitat to one or more species of birds during some portion of the year (nesting areas, crucial migration stop-over sites, or wintering grounds). IBAs may vary in size and may include public or private lands, or both.  For a place to qualify as an IBA, it must either support a large concentration of birds, provide habitat for a threatened or rare species, or provide habitat for a bird with a very limited or restricted range. Once nominated and selected as an IBA, a site is then ranked as significant at either the state, continental, or global level.

To date, 45 sites have been approved in Wyoming and 54 in Colorado and with your help, many more nominations are on the way. You can see a full listing of Wyoming’s IBAs at Audubon Rockies, with links to site profiles for each area.